Draw Me a Tree App Reviews

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Doesn't work with iOS 6...

The tree match functionality (step 2) doesn't work. No problems with iOS 7.

Freezes use to work - but quit

Please fix

Doesn't work!

I thought drawing a tree would be easy! Boy did this app prove me wrong! All I can do is get diagonal lines that mess up! Waste of money!!!!

Great app!

This app is great! Easy to use and fun. You'll learn a lot about yourself while using it and you're friends will live it when you shock them with insights. Get it today.

Was spot on

Dr. Janet Crain was dead on she did this with the pen and paper method and it blew me away! I support this app

Good app

She read my tree in real life she was right on

First of its kind

What a great way to use this fun and easy tree reading technique. I used it on friends and they say that it is spot on! Also it's a really great way to get to know people better... It starts great conversations!!! Get it!

Tree Reading

I knew about tree reading and was hoping that this app would be useful to me. The app is outstanding and really easy to use and understand as it was "right on" with results that were professional and so accurate. Great app. Highly recommended to all! *****

Legit App!

This app is AMAZING!! It not only works but its really easy. It came to me recommended by a friend as a fun thing to do for yourself but the power of this app to try on anyone from family to strangers makes this app truly unique and one of a kind. -RT

What an attention getter

I have used the pen and paper method for doing this for years and always see them drop their draw in awe at how well this works. This only makes it easier. Great idea.

Draw me a tree

This app is so much fun!I've read the trees of friends and people I have just met, I was amazed how spot on the analyses were!Great App!

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